'Blues Aint Nothin' but the Truth' (Big George Brock)

What is America's Blues?

America's Blues is an Award Winning feature length documentary that explores the tremendous impact that the Blues has had on our society, our culture, and the entertainment industry. The Blues has influenced nearly every form of American Music and sadly, aside from its part in the birth of Rock and Roll, it's influence often goes unrecognized. Beyond its musical impact, it has reached into so many other art forms, such as paintings, sculpture, literature and even television and film. It has even become the culture of entire cities and helped to put them on the map. If music were a color, it would be Blue.

Where can I see or purchase the film?

America's Blues is on Amazon available on DVD or with Prime Video. It is also available on Digital Download through VHX. Head over to our STORE and pick up the DVD. Extras include over an hour and a half of some of the best Live Blues Music in the Midwest. We also offer Educational Licenses and are hoping to make our film a part of every school's Blues History program.

The film was a hit with scholars. It won several festival Awards and screened all around the world. In addition to being the first ever film to be endoresed by the Blues Foundation as 'The Official Documentary of the International Blues Challenge' in 2016, it went on to get nominated for Best Diaspora Documentary at the 2016 African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) where it screened 3 times with a speaker. It is currently licensed in Universities all over the world including Princeton, NYU, Georgetown & Marquette, and in several foreign Broadcast Territories.  We would Love to bring America's Blues to your city. If you'd like to set up an educational or theatrical screening in your city, send us an Email.